love is a key to the door of freedom

Poetry and Photography of Kavi Jezzie Hockaday

in this time of great unease
and madness
only love
has the answer

love is the result
of wisdom
and the cause 
of peace

to forget love
is to forget
our root

love is a key
to the door 
of freedom
once truly felt
and embraced
there is nothing else
worth living for

rumi was right
when he said
‘every moment is made glorious
by the light of love.’

when i take refuge 
in this love
the world disappears
and i am home


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Awakening Is How The World Changes

Live a Holistic Life

My most important blog for a while – Christmas Special!

It is easy, given the global intensity and upheaval in all walks of life, to lose heart and let your spirit drop. It seems that the world is going under and we are sliding into increasing chaos, violence, bigotry and war. We have seen this fall into chaos happening in other countries, due to the toppling of governments and regime changes, and because of financial debts in some countries.
There is an ever growing fear and terrorism is feeding on it. And the governments are feeding on it. We are living in such inequality it beggars belief, and we have now entered the era of lies, false media, overt manipulation of opinion and total government deceit.

No one knows who to believe, what to believe or what to do. It is a time of great vulnerability and is a deep…

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in service to the feminine

Poetry and Photography of Kavi Jezzie Hockaday

today, this solstice day
finds me ever deeper in love
and in awe of my beloved

i am a man in service to this woman
i understand that the masculine 
must serve the feminine
within each human
and within the world
and i honour that truth
without losing any
of my masculinity

when i feel the power 
of this service
it uplifts my very being
to the archetypal realm
and it feels as though
she and i are on a mythic journey
rebalancing energies
within and without

for when the self important 
rule the earth
we are lost
and the only answer
is wisdom and service to love.

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live from your soul

Poetry and Photography of Kavi Jezzie Hockaday

age does not stop
a fire
when it burns
from your soul
nothing will stop
that fire from burning
defeat, failure
all manner of horrors
more fuel for the fire

your soul does not know time
it is ageless
only your body withers
and tires 
and your mind believes
itself to be the body…
such a grand delusion

So Live From Your Soul dear friend
live from your soul
no matter what age you are
be timeless
be ageless
and not bound by
the rules of the 
relative world

for age is an illusion 
created by the body
believed by the mind
but you are more soul than body
so have no fear
be joyous as a child
and free as the air
let your soul-bird
fly free
and soar to the heavens
circling and diving
with the angels
at home
and limitless

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Meet the World on Your Own Terms

Eventually you have to meet the world on your own terms.

You have been trained and conditioned to somehow fit in. You have been told what the terms of the game are, been told what you have to be and do in order to belong to this big human family called society. Yeah, you, and me, and everyone else, have been told we have to do this, that or the other, to find our place, our niche, and that’s just the way it is, was, and will be.

The game was rigged from the time of your arrival in this dimension and you bought the whole ticket. We all did.

And how has it worked out?

Some have been successful at it. And it has to be said some folks are very very good at playing the BIG game as I call it.
BUT many are alienated and lost, confused and miserable about it all. Many creatives, artists, outsiders, many sensitives, indigos and introverts, have not fared very well at all. And they shoulder the guilt and self negating thoughts that it is their fault. But here are my observations for those specific people who can’t fit in, don’t want to fit in, but feel somehow wrong for it.

2abd27bef63ed8a9a5c92cab5c31e727You might not be designed to fit in!

Your very alienation, even depression, and your sensitivity etc could be the very signals your own soul is sending you telling you, nudging you, reminding you, that you have to meet this world on your own terms and do your own unique thing…no matter what other people, or society at large, may think, say or do.

Now, before I go any further, I am assuming here that you are a peaceful, creative, loving, compassionate and inherently kind person. I don’t want to encourage hostile, racist, misogynist people who hate others out onto the street.

But you! You have to get out there and meet the world on your own terms.
And as you get older, the incentive to do it, the urgency to do it, the pressure (from the inside) to do it, increases. Of course so does the fear, the anxiety, and the voice inside your head says,’ NO, you have too much to lose, you don’t know what you are doing, these feelings will pass, just stay in the box and shut up.’

But you know what. The impulse to offer your gift to others, the urge, if you have it, to be of greater purpose, the burning desire within you to break out and ‘do your thing,’ whatever that thing is, it DOES NOT GO AWAY.

It might live somewhere inside, in the dark shadows of your psyche, it might make you feel tired and ill, it might even make you depressed, but it will not ever go away. And upon your time to leave this sacred existence, you will ponder it. Sorry about that.

So I implore you, beseech you, invite you, cajole you, and challenge you, be bold, be daring, be true to your inner voice, no matter how crazy. Dare to step up and step out. You owe it to your self and to the world. Don’t be duped and suppressed any longer than is necessary.

You can create the rules of your own life.
You can be the one who decides the rules of your world.
It is up to you.
The world needs you.

Innocence Lost in Childhood and How it Plays Out in Life – We Are Fallen Angels

I am not going to write a long blog post today. I am going to save up the depth of this subject for a podcast I am hoping to do towards the end of the week. I haven’t recorded a podcast for s…

Source: Innocence Lost in Childhood and How it Plays Out in Life – We Are Fallen Angels

fall from innocence

like you
i was broken
like you
my heart was broken
many years ago
during my
they call it
but i call it
‘fall from innocence.’

i used to believe
that innocence lost
can never be regained
but i now see
those are the words
of the defended
and the hurt
they are the words
from inside the story
of self

now i know
that innocence regained
is wisdom
and unconditional love

everyone falls
not many rise up
into grace
and into love

i am grateful
i fell
without this dance
of falling and rising
i would be nothing

Source: fall from innocence