If you want a Session with me it will cost you $100 for 90 minutes.

I do not accept everyone so lease apply with the reason why you feel you are ready to work with me. I bring change and transformation and I must feel that you are ready.

I do not want to waste my time or yours. So please consider where you are at. The more easy you are the deeper we can go and the higher you can fly.

Expect results, demand results, from yourself and from me. Aim high. I will meet you in that place.

skyThis is profound, deep, life changing inquiry. We are going to drill down into your consciousness and find where you contract, divide, judge, turn away from and avoid the simple truth of your wholeness.

We can go far in 90 minutes. We can see how you work, what the roots of your beliefs are, where you have turned away from love, where you bolster your self, where the cracks are and where you feel most vulnerable.

This is not just some ‘covering over the cracks’ experience. My intention is to bring into the light all that prevents you from opening to your own enlightenment, or awakening. We are going to light the candle in whatever darkness there is.

I will bring all my knowledge, all my wisdom and skills, all my experience into this session and I guarantee you that, IF YOU ARE WILLING, you will walk away from this changed, exhilarated, wiser and more aware.


But you must be ripe and willing to look at everything. If you aren’t prepared to look everywhere I cannot assist. Willingness is the key that opens the door to truth. Willingness allows questions.

All held in love, compassion and non judgement.

Sessions are Face to Face, Skype or Google Hangout.

Kavi Jezzie HockadayThe Session will be recorded for your benefit and future reference.


One 90 minute session will cost $100(or the currency equivalent). This is highly focused and demanding work. The cost needs to reflect your earnestness and my value.


To make payment and book click the button and pay. I will be notified and contact you within 24 hours to arrange the session.


ost. To travel to your home, or town, please get in touch