Are You a Sensitive? Are You Plugged Into the Field But Don’t Even Know?

Are these feelings you have your own or are you a sensitive who taps in to the vast and indefinable ‘Field’, experiences things, feelings and thoughts and sensations, that are not yours, and then makes them personal somehow?

It may seem an oblique and obscure thing to inquire into, but the deeper I go into consciousness, quantum science, the whole human experience and the nature of reality, the more I arrive at the real possibility that we are not only transmitters of information from within our own vibratory unit (our human experience) but we also receive vast pockets of information from what we might call ‘the Field.’ We are not one or the other but both transmitters AND receivers.

Put like that it makes obvious sense to me.

In my experience, we need to seriously re-train ourselves to acknowledge and value this kind of perception. Sensing the Field has great value. It is an empathic experience that would contribute to the human experience, but it needs to be valued and talked about.
The danger is that it is simply not recognised as real. Its one of those subtle experiences, or even sensations, that has no place in the gross world of the hard senses, no place in the greed world or the ego world.

We act as though this is the only thing that is important
We act as though this is the only thing that is important

I’m not sure whether everyone experiences this, but most are so shut off and shut down they don’t even notice it, or only some people experience it, and among them only a few actually go on to listen, acknowledge and learn from it. My gut feeling and intelligence tell me that what we call mental illness, weirdness and all these cognitive dysfunctionality may have some relationship to it.

The world is generally so caught up on the surface with the war between people, and the survival stuff that it will never get close to understanding or researching or even acknowledging this phenomenon.
Unless of course there is some military or spying use!

I honestly believe I am one of these, in fact I believe I am an extreme case of this. I’m not a new age guy, I’m a feet on the ground ‘tell it like it is’, let’s cut through the bullshit guy with clear seeing.
But the more I have deepened into love, truth, letting go of ego mind and all its insanity, the more two things have happened to me (well actually a thousand things have happened but its too much to go into now!)….and those two are; FirstI have become incredibly telepathic with my wife Amoda – staggeringly, intuitively, telepathic, to the point where its sometimes insane that I will say precisely, exactly, verbatim, what has been in her mind, almost instantly. And it only happens one way, like one way traffic. She transmits, I receive when I am open, and actually only when she is open also.
Over and over, almost every day, I will be blank and then say something and she will say, again, ‘there it is, you’ve said it exactly!’ and we both laugh and shiver and talk about how it has to do with the ‘field.’

And the second thing is this sensation that seems, so often, to be impersonal. I get it. It comes over me and I try and explain it as something in my life. I’m sad, or I’m feeling heavy, weighed down, or there is tremendous fear…and its so hard to differentiate between the personal and the collective…Very hard.
The trouble being that the human experience is so very deep, there is so much happening ‘under the hood’ of waking consciousness that I, and we, really do not know what is causing, creating, related to, what.
It is all really just speculation. But the human experience IS an investigation.
The human experience is the ultimate investigation. This life is not about what we get, how much success we have, or money we earn, or even how much happiness we have.

But This is Who We Really Are!
But This is Who We Really Are!

Surely the most fulfilling part of living is to cast some light on what we are and what the human experience actually IS? We don’t know. We pretend we know, but we don’t know…Its mysterious and vast and deep…Where did we really come from? What is the Universe? What is the Field of Energy? Are we just separate islands of human being, or are we connected at a level we don’t really understand? Maybe every single thing is connected at a level we know nothing about, and we blindly go around as if everything is separate!

If we look deeper and deeper into matter we find there is no matter, just some kind of quantum possibility. So why oh why are we so distracted by crap that doesn’t matter? 
It’s a wild ride guys, its a wild crazy life and we do it a disservice by reducing it to greed, politics, war, job, retirement and selfish awareness.

So what I am really saying here is that we should be careful in our assumptions. 
We should not take it all so personally, we could be tapping into the underbelly of collective consciousness – and boy is it a dark place.
We should acknowledge our sensitivity and listen to it, value it and encourage it.
We should allow ourselves to look beyond the small and stand open mouthed at the infinite.
And we should nurture and develop these subtle senses instead of demeaning and dismissing them.

grand_universe_by_antifan_real-850x456There are things about life and consciousness that you know nothing about. 



“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet

Thanks for reading this crazy blog!

Stop The World and Get Off

Most people I see are running fast in life. In fact modern life encourages us to move fast. It inherently suggests that by moving fast we will achieve more. We kind of assume that speed and achievement are an equation.

And the achievement, what do we mean by achievement? Do we mean wealth, retirement? happiness (whatever that is), accumulation, stuff, or what?

It has all speeded up. We communicate faster, we access information faster, we talk instantly, we buy online, and fast. And most of this is done with the aim of achieving happiness and success.

This is the equation: The more we dhamster-wheel-w1200o the more we achieve. And the more we achieve the happier we will be.

But is that really true? Obviously NO!

Most of this is illusion. It all appears to be very real because the majority believe it to be true. But history has proved that something is not true because everyone believes it.

In fact it is probably the other way round. It is probably not true if everyone believes it.
Most people ( and this is indeed a generalisation) have not investigated reality deeply enough to be able to conclusively know what is real or not real).
They have taken it for granted because they were told it often enough.

Im afraid thats not good enough for me, and if you are reading this, for you either. You need to find out what is real. Sorting out the illusion from the truth is the game we are in.
And investigating this will reveal the part you play in it. You will find out to what extent your assumptions and beliefs dictate the reality you live in.

This is enquiry. Enquiry into the nature of reality by going inside yourself and making it your business to explore and find out.

The fast lane is pretty full of the ego. Ego loves fast lane living because it centers around the idea of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ as the most important thing that exists. As long as it has something to do with ‘me’ its ok, and real..tumblr_n7d90yfCRX1s8w53po1_1280

Maybe its time to STOP.

Stop. Relax. Let go. Be in Nature. Stare at the sea. Sit next to a tree for hours. Walk, slowly, on the grass. Meditate without trying. Breathe. Be still, calmly and lovingly.
Discover where you really are first. Then decide what to do. Unless you do that first you may be running in all sorts of directions and get absolutely nowhere near anything that really means anything. Just running around.

kavi hammock


But understanding it brings some freedom. Being enslaved to it is being in prison.

These things are very different.