Don’t get Spiritual, get REAL – Heal Your Relationship with Your Body

Today’s blog is, for some, a contentious subject. In many spiritual circles, particularly the non duality and advaita scenes, they won’t talk about the body because, well, we don’t have one.

As far as they are concerned ultimate truth is all that matters, and in ultimate truth there is only consciousness. So if there is only consciousness why pay any attention to that which is an illusion? Just leave the body alone and don’t get caught in the distraction and addiction to that which is false.
Sounds true? Sounds right?

Well after my own investigations, self inquiry, and experience of being totally cut off from my own body most of my life, and returning to my body over a long healing period, I think I can shed some light on this matter and give it some perspective.

Amoda CR Satsang 2 sepiaI see life from both sides of the spiritual fence. I go to a lot of Satsangs as my wife is a spiritual teacher/author and she holds regular meetings (I am her videographer – one of my many roles!) – so I get quite an insight into the kinds of people that are searching for answers to deep questions.
And of course I have written my own book of healing  and been on a long and deep journey myself, AND speak to a lot of clients about body/mind/emotion issues.
Here are some of my observations.

We search for spiritual solutions to practical problems much of the time. Thats a heck of a thing to say but I can’t help but say it.
Often I see people who are cut off from their emotions and their bodies sitting in Satsang, searching for spiritual answers, asking, ‘Who Am I?’ If they get answers, and this is the big problem, the answers they get stay in the mental realm and do not become visceral, in the body, grounded and real experiences. If the answers are not embodied they are not real, they do not become living realities. And so the trouble develops that these answers stay spiritual theories, not practicalities. We can have all the theories we like, but what we need is a spirituality that delivers practical, liveable, life changing truths.

For spiritual realisations and truths to become living realities we have to address two things.
The body and the emotions.


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The Unfolding Adventure Rolls On

As some of you know, Amoda (my wife) and I are on something of an adventure.
See this blog post when we got to the US:
Wherever you go, there you are

We have dived into life, let go of so many things and taken a big gamble. On one hand we are groundless and rootless. On the other hand we are free and adaptable.
We taste life as very precious, and we value every experience. As Amoda said when we got here, it is up to us to cherish every day. It is a great spiritual, existential, teaching we are having.
We have learned not to look too far ahead but to live as present as possible. Yet we have to balance this with some planning. We live in different state of security from most people in the modern world. Our security comes, not from things or some sense of the future, but from a deep resting in our inner truth. It’s the only real security any of us have, everything else is temporary.

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New Podcast – Where Spirituality and the Physical Body meet

A new podcast for you!

Another discussion and exploration of all things to do with health, wellness, emotions, beliefs and our spiritual lives. This podcast was made in light of recent global events, and I attempt to address them in my own way.

I really make an attempt to look into how we perceive reality, how we make our minds up about things, what is real and what is false.

The world is run ragged by opposing beliefs. It’s a battle ground of division.

How can we fight so much for what is illusory? How can we hate ourselves and each other so much, when the truth is that we are manifestations of the same consciousness.

It is the Matrix. And those who fight and die, those who oppress and kill, are stuck in it. But what would you and I do if our very lives, our existence was threatened by it? I wonder sometimes just how spiritual I would be if a kind of Syrian war broke out in the UK in my own homeland. If my very life was threatened, destroyed and everyone around me was in danger, how would I react?

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Podcast interview with author of The Power Of Illness To Change Your Life

Listen to this podcast interview with author of The Power Of Illness To Change Your Life.

Kavi Jezzie Hockaday is an author, musician and coach. In his book he describes his personal 10 year journey healing major illness. This profound experience took him to every part of his being, from the physical to emotional, mental and spiritual, and had such an impact on him his life changed forever, and he was compelled to share his inspiration with others.

Specifically you will hear Kavi speak about:
*The roles of conventional and complementary medicine, 
*Illness and underlying shock and trauma,
*Illness, belief and perception,
*Healing and spiritual awakening,
*Viewing life as a grand adventure.

My First Podcast! Introducing My Book, ‘The Power of Illness.’

pic for thunderbolt wordpressI am delighted to let you know I have started a podcast channel! I have committed myself to producing regular show, once a week, to talk about the things that I talked about in my book. Its going to be improvised, uplifting, challenging and hopefully entertaining.

Please check it out. If you have questions I will try and address them. Share if you find it interesting and you think it might be useful to others.

And thanks!