The Butterfly People

It is not something we contemplate often, but maybe it should be. You see, we humans, and animals, and the earth, and wired together in one great tapestry.

That is not just some spiritual verbiage, or airy fairy idea about oneness. It’s a fact. We are interconnected and interlaced and our actions affect an area outside ourselves in ways we understand and, to some extent, beyond our understanding. And our inactions have the same effect.

Do you remember hearing about the butterfly effect? It said something like, if a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world, the effect ripples around and changes something on the other side.

Put scientifically:
“In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.” Wikipedia

butterfly effectBut suppose, for one moment, that this also works when something doesn’t happen. What does this mean? What I mean here is that, suppose you are called to some service, to some action, but you hesitate and falter, full of self doubt or anxiety, and you don’t take the action you intuitively know is part of your destiny? If you are called but you do not go, what effect does it have? 

In other words, does ‘inaction,’ have an ‘uneffect?’

Of course the universe will always fill in the gaps we leave. Nature abhors a vacuum and will not let it happen, so the universe will build itself around what we do, or don’t, do.

But are we denying the world the opportunity to benefit from our ‘wing flap?’
Are you the butterfly that could flap its wings and affect something far away, for the better?
And if you might be, who are you to deny and turn away from that, because you feel anxious, or confused, or poor?

I have pondered this, and come to the conclusion there must be millions and millions of people wanting to ‘be of service’ and those millions and millions of people, together, could create such enormous change simply by their small actions, it is extraordinary. It boggles the mind to imagine the potential of millions of people flapping their wings, and not just once, but again and again.

six-degreesIt is not airy fairy. If you imagine the power of one tiny cell, you see potential, but in many ways not much more. But if you imagine the potential and power of that one cell unified and interconnected with millions, billions of other cells, you see a transformation that was inconceivable before. You see creatures, flowers, trees, human beings, animals…everything comes from that unity of one with many. The power is undeniable.

But now to the opposite effect. When we withhold our light, our gifts, our genius, our power, our very potential, from the world, for whatever reason, it has an impact, an effect. It has repercussions.

I think the world cries a little when we deny it our beauty and love.
Maybe it even dies a little.

During my years spent with a shamanic camp and teacher I learned a little about beauty and poetry. I was shown, and taught, that the gods of the invisible world feed on beauty, truth, poetry, chocolate and words of love, and things like this. My shaman teacher encouraged us to speak to the invisible world and offer it our beauty and poetry, offer it our chocolate and incense, expecting nothing in return.

I remember he would actually be angry when someone would hold back their beauty. He wasn’t understanding like we are supposed to be these days. He saw it as an insult to the invisible world, and therefore to life itself. He was angry that people were letting their own egos, their own smallness, or pride, or fear, block this beautiful dance between the world of form and formlessness.

His interpretation was that the invisible world that held all the secrets and the mystery, was what actually held the world together. It doesn’t want your ego, it wants your truth and beauty. If that means you cry and shake when you offer it, it loves that. If it means you stand naked in innocence and offer your soul or your confusion, it will love that. It is the world beyond ego. It’s just not put in modern spiritual terms. But it’s just as real and powerful. 

Service to others, serving something greater than self, is the ultimate beauty and love. You and I know that because when we see it, we cry. Those tears we cry are the world crying itself back to life.

irene-carr-quotes2So I hope you are seeing what I am trying to say here. I am trying to say that if we all become willing to flap our wings, to go beyond ourselves, to offer our beauty, things happen somewhere. It may be invisible to us. It may even be subtle. But it doesn’t matter.
I really believe our complacency, fuelled by our fear and doubt, bolstered by our feelings of powerlessness, will be the cause of our destruction and the destruction of our world, if were are not careful.

That is why it’s so important that we, the small people, who only have small wings, flap them all together, at the same time.

I feel the urgency of this. We are being called, each of us, to grow bigger and bolder, to sacrifice our questions and our fear, our confusion and our doubt. The way will be revealed as we walk the path. But each of us must make the first step consciously and voluntarily. 

Thank you for reading!


How To Serve?

From Self Serving to Self and Service.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for many of us, including me, to continue operating by the old rules, the old paradigm that is, ultimately, self serving.

Many of us never really fitted this model of being anyway, but we live in it and abide by its rules only by default, maybe because we don’t know what else to do, or maybe we are too scared of what ‘the other way’ might involve, or maybe we don’t feel we have enough resources to become service orientated…

So consequently many of us live in a kind of twilight world, sort of limbo. We watch inspiring things that others do to help other beings, animals, nature, the planet, and we may even donate some of our hard earned revenue to some causes, but you know what, for many people right now…ITS NOT ENOUGH. It doesn’t really satisfy our innate desire to do something for others that is greater than ourselves.

And so there is a discomfort, an uncomfortable itch that runs through our lives…A yearning to add our voice to global transformation, a hunger to help the plight of those who are so much less fortunate, or animals that are helpless and innocent, or a million causes worthy of attention.

I don’t know whether this resonates with you, but I feel this day in day out. I am sick of just trying to get my own needs met. I see others doing stuff and I think, ‘why am I not doing that, or doing my own unique thing?’

It’s not that your voice and action, and mine, is not invited and welcomed. The door of care, service, humanity, selfless service, is always open for one more…It’s not as if we are not at a critical moment of human evolution, and maybe earth evolution. It’s not as if our spiritual evolution is not connected to our physical evolution.

I think I’m just having an open conversation with myself here in all honesty. I can speak for no one else, I really don’t know what anyone else should be doing.
But I really feel this urgency today.

Does this speak to you? What do you feel? Am I alone in this frustration and feelings of limbo?
Please tell me. If we are truthful with each other about this, maybe there is someway we can help each other to gather ourselves and do something together or separately.
We all have skills, amazing skills, creativity, talent, communication..Each of us has so much more to give, and it’s needed. We hide our light for millions of reasons, some of them feelings that we hold about ourselves, some of them because of practical considerations. So many of us are, at least in our western terms, scraping by financially we hold the idea that we will do more ‘when we get ahead, or where we get a little more, or when we get secure.’ I think thats an ILLUSION. It’s not real. It’s now, here, where we are working with what we’ve got.

Let me know. I need help on this one because it’s just so important to me, but also so important to us. And mine or your action could directly or indirectly change someone’s life, or some creatures life, forever. I long to reach beyond myself. You?

This video appeared on my Facebook wall this morning and I cried when i watched it. Maybe it is the catalyst I need to something greater, something bigger and something that doesn’t have me at the centre…I just don’t know.