One mind…..7 billion variations

The Problem, as my old Chinese Doctor said, is your MIND
So my beloved has fled to Stockholm to do Satsang for the weekend and I am here in this mess, with a still wracked body and now just pulled a muscle or twitched a nerve in my shoulder.
Not particularly inspired by anything…BUT wait a minute!
Aren’t we making the move of our lives in just two weeks time!=?
(We are going to the US for a while)
Why am I not super duper excited?
Because I no longer seem to get super duper excited.

Life offers things, they arrive, they disappear, and it is an endless cycle of appearance and disappearance.

It’s been a heck of a year and has beaten me in many ways…and that beating has actually softened me so much I am like dough that wont shape to bread.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, far from it. I’m actually somewhat ecstatic in a still kind of way. But not excited.

I became weary of mind.

That’s what actually has happened this year. Weary of the stories, the fears, the games, the excuses, the projections, did I say the fears? The endlessness of mind chatter until we croak.

And I got utterly bored because this year I got to see it in full display, freaking me out, warning about this and that, constantly updating me on the latest threat to me, humanity, anything…We don’t need terrorism when we have our own unscrutinised minds…

And it didn’t help at all..It only brought suffering, body problems and exhaustion.
And I saw that my mind is your mind, is everyone’s mind. Mind is non specific, non personal.

Our personal experiences make it seem unique, but thats an error of perception.
There is only one mind with 7 billion variations. On and on and on it goes, ‘protect and survive, threat and attack…must be careful…danger, danger,
danger…judgement…projection…righteousness….’ yada yada yada chatters the mind..

And I got bored listening, to myself and others. That getting bored and seeing the endlessness of the chatter was the greatest blessing. It meant I stopped listening.
And when I get drawn to listen and take it seriously, I am hauled back into the Matrix world of personal suffering…and ooh! I quickly remember and run out of the prison…

I don’t buy it…I’m done with the mind…Great tool, unfathomable talent and skill, astonishing servant of something greater…But believe all it says at your peril…It will lock you up, throw away the key, and tell you it’s for your own good…And you might believe it..
I feel better already.

First Day in Hastings, East Sussex, UK – Photographs Only

Just returned from Costa Rica! The difference is extraordinary. The light is totally different. The colour, there is very little greenery. The sun is out which helps. But its more difficult to get those natural shots. Costa Rica is easy to photograph, just point and snap. UK is more challenging. And this place lead itself to Black and White and Sepia, it brings out the age and ‘old worldyness’.
Anyway here are the first pics…We are tired and cold, but happy enough..

The Spirituality of Photography – Bringing New Insight

The Spirituality of Photography.The Spirituality of Photography.

I don’t know whether its talked about, or even thought about much, but the first thing I am noticing about having a decent camera that allows me to zoom in and out is how it is changing my perspective and awareness. It’s not about the photography it’s about the vision, the nature of seeing itself. It is about how we see things, not just what we see.

Seeing things with fresh eyes. The world itself becomes a dynamic and deeply Pool at Dawn interesting place. Take these pictures from this morning. I went to the communal open air swimming pool here in Costa Rica at 4.30am. It was dark, the stars were out and there was no one around.
I took my camera just in case I saw something, but what I wanted to take pictures of was the awesome night sky and the stars. I saw yet another shooting star, and gazed in wonder at the vastness and mystery of the universe. Breathtaking.
But then I saw the shallow part of the pool, and got the camera with the flash. I don’t usually like using flash but without
it I could get any exposure, and I’m not professional enough to know how to get a longer exposure so I just had a look with the flash, took a couple of pics and suddenly boom! I got really interested in the shapes and how the square of the mosaic tiles became fluid when the water sits on top. It changes their appearance totally, and the colours and reflections begin to take on a luminescence. Quite amazing.

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Perspective – Not Just a Photographers Skill

“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

We have been gone from the UK for almost 6 months now. In the last two years most of our life has been spent outside the UK. We have been in California and Costa Rica
In this blog I am not going to say how special or great these places are, or how great and special I am! I couldn’t care less about these things, or particular about my opinions about what’s a great place or not. Everyone has different resonances and preferences and desires. What works for one doesn’t for another. So whats the point of me saying how much better one place is than another? Life is life as the saying goes, whatever the heck that means…Actually it doesn’t mean anything does it!

beofppWhat I am going to explore a bit today is the action whereby, when one really gets the opportunity to view something from afar, one can see it in a whole new light. Perspective. Thats half of what makes a good photographer.
But maybe its also half of what makes a good human being. I am afraid to say that most human beings don’t have great perspective. They don’t see the whole picture, they can’t seem to step back from their lives and look from a clearer view. They are stuck to their lives, beliefs, stories and problems like glue. Sometimes its just impossible to get out far enough to get perspective. And many of those who are angry and fighting and hostile and aggressive don’t want to step away.

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More Costa Rica Pictures

Some more pictures from our temporary house in Costa Rica. We are not getting out much so these are simple pics from our locality, mostly from our house. Its so noisy in the day time with the crickets in the trees. Temps are up around 33, 34 celsius (about 93 Fahrenheit) and humidity is around 80%. It wants to rain but it just can’t. Our house is fabulous. Monkeys do come through this way and I’m looking out for them, but we are only here for two more days. My office is pretty good though!

Through the Vicissitudes of Life We All Must Journey

Every single one of us, all of us, at some point in our lives, meets hardship, great challenge, suffering or misfortune. I don’t see anyone escapes this. Even those born to extraordinary affluence and luxury have their own version of hardship and suffering.

imagesThe very nature of life itself means change, and change means things happen, sometimes unexpectedly, that rock our world. We are subject to the vicissitudes of life. No matter how much we try to spiritualize things, or attract the perfect deck of cards, as the saying goes, ‘shit happens.’

Things are born and things die. We are born and we die. Ideas rise and fall. Everything is subject to the same laws, the natural laws of change, death and growth.

And if you can’t deal with the hard times, the dark times, the challenges, you are not going to grow into a deeper, wiser, kinder and transformed human being.

You have seen it I’m sure, how some people seem to grow because of the tough things that have happened to them, and some seem to collapse.

The point here is that hardship and challenge is a universal experience. It happens to everyone, and of course some have it much worse than others, but there it is anyway. If its a universal experience it is intended as vehicle for transformation.

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Costa Rica Tomorrow

Satsang in Seattle GroupAnd so we bid farewell to California and the Bay Area. It is with some sadness that we take our leave. Its been utterly fantastic on all levels.

And this weekend our trip to Seattle for Amoda’s satsang was a wonderful experience. So many beautiful people, all keen and hungry for truth beyond the personal story.

We have had such a successful three months it almost doesn’t seem real. Both of us vibrate at our highest level here. Who knows why? And who cares why? It is just enough that it happens. And at a time when America is really quite unstable in many ways, and the residents are anxious, something feels so right about bringing the purity of love and openness here.

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The Unfolding Adventure Rolls On

As some of you know, Amoda (my wife) and I are on something of an adventure.
See this blog post when we got to the US:
Wherever you go, there you are

We have dived into life, let go of so many things and taken a big gamble. On one hand we are groundless and rootless. On the other hand we are free and adaptable.
We taste life as very precious, and we value every experience. As Amoda said when we got here, it is up to us to cherish every day. It is a great spiritual, existential, teaching we are having.
We have learned not to look too far ahead but to live as present as possible. Yet we have to balance this with some planning. We live in different state of security from most people in the modern world. Our security comes, not from things or some sense of the future, but from a deep resting in our inner truth. It’s the only real security any of us have, everything else is temporary.

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The Power of Connection

So finally I feel back to my usual self. My body has calmed down from producing the intense heat that created discomfort not only physically but mentally.

And the return to form has meant I have been getting out and about more, getting more done to promote and spread the message of my book, doing some music, and developing some new and cool ideas.

The blog today is, as it says in the title, all about the power of connection. From my experience connection with others is almost the greatest driver of business and creativity here in California. I’m sure its true of most places and people, but I see it and feel it more powerfully here.

connection with fibre optic light trail

And its no surprise that California is home to the tech industry. And, to a great extent, birth place of the computer industry. Computer technology, hardware, and all the software, is all about connectivity. There is something in the very nature of the land here that actualizes this connectivity. It’s hard to say exactly what it is, but I believe everyone here feels it and responds to it. I talked with someone just last week who was trying to settle on the east coast but found himself inexorably drawn back to California. When I asked why, he talked about the feeling he had of connection with others of like mind when he was here, a feeling he didn’t get on the east coast.

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