Exercise Caution When Thinking – You Do Not Know Whose Thoughts They Are

Humans are very good at many things. And one of them is…


XdT48L7ieThe trouble with thinking is we tend to believe everything that goes on ‘upstairs’ and we take it all seriously. In fact we take it so seriously we imagine it is us thinking.
That one identification is probably the greatest cause of suffering, war and angst humanity suffers from.
And here is the thing…


Most psychologists, spiritual teachers and searchers, and a huge swathe of people who pursue ‘awareness’ understand that much of what we think has actually been put there, consciously or unconsciously, during our most formative years as impressionable and innocent children.
We have hundreds of hours of other people’s voices, like tape loops, running through our minds, day in day out. It is enough to drive you crazy, and for some it does.

Add to that the fact that most thinking happens ‘below the surface’ of consciousness and doesn’t make it to conscious thought and it becomes an almost nightmare scenario in the making if those thoughts happen to be destructive, hateful, vengeful or negative.

What I’m pointing to here is the suggestion that our thinking cannot be relied upon as the measure of truth. It is not a reliable witness, because it has too much investment.

So if our mind is not reliable, what can we do to find truth and freedom?

iStock_000016297924XSmallDo not trust everything you think. Practice awareness of all thoughts. Particularly the ones that scream the most. The ones that really have an agenda of righteousness about them, those ones that assert themselves as beyond question are the really dangerous ones. Not the one’s that don’t matter, but the big self protecting justified ones that promote themselves as ‘obvious,’ they are the ones we need to watch.

Discernment on the path, developing the meditative approach, and watching just how hot and passionate the thoughts get when they think they are cornered, they are the ways to create some space between you and your thoughts.

And remember, you cannot possibly stop them coming and going. If you are doing any sort of practice that says you can, or should, try and stop your thoughts, stop it now.


To try is like standing in front of a train and holding it back. It is pointless.

Sea and SunriseBetter view thoughts, your thoughts, as waves that rise and fall in the ocean of your awareness. They come and go of their own accord. Some are helpful and beneficial, some are turbulent and chaotic, and some are even dangerous.

But each returns from whence it came.

So please, exercise great caution when doing this seemingly innocent practice of thinking, it is not so innocent as it appears. Most of the world’s problems are caused by thinking…consider that for a moment..

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Kavi in The Old Town

First Day in Hastings, East Sussex, UK – Photographs Only

Just returned from Costa Rica! The difference is extraordinary. The light is totally different. The colour, there is very little greenery. The sun is out which helps. But its more difficult to get those natural shots. Costa Rica is easy to photograph, just point and snap. UK is more challenging. And this place lead itself to Black and White and Sepia, it brings out the age and ‘old worldyness’.
Anyway here are the first pics…We are tired and cold, but happy enough..

The Spirituality of Photography – Bringing New Insight

The Spirituality of Photography.The Spirituality of Photography.

I don’t know whether its talked about, or even thought about much, but the first thing I am noticing about having a decent camera that allows me to zoom in and out is how it is changing my perspective and awareness. It’s not about the photography it’s about the vision, the nature of seeing itself. It is about how we see things, not just what we see.

Seeing things with fresh eyes. The world itself becomes a dynamic and deeply Pool at Dawn interesting place. Take these pictures from this morning. I went to the communal open air swimming pool here in Costa Rica at 4.30am. It was dark, the stars were out and there was no one around.
I took my camera just in case I saw something, but what I wanted to take pictures of was the awesome night sky and the stars. I saw yet another shooting star, and gazed in wonder at the vastness and mystery of the universe. Breathtaking.
But then I saw the shallow part of the pool, and got the camera with the flash. I don’t usually like using flash but without
it I could get any exposure, and I’m not professional enough to know how to get a longer exposure so I just had a look with the flash, took a couple of pics and suddenly boom! I got really interested in the shapes and how the square of the mosaic tiles became fluid when the water sits on top. It changes their appearance totally, and the colours and reflections begin to take on a luminescence. Quite amazing.

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Some Pictures from Costa Rica

I thought you might like to see where we are in Costa Rica. We are not getting out much but the little we do see is fabulous. And with my new camera, a Nikon D3300 and 55-200mm lens I can get some pretty good pics. I’m very happy with this camera even though its pretty average compared with what is possible. It will work for a while.

So here is a gallery of some pics.