How To Serve?

From Self Serving to Self and Service.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for many of us, including me, to continue operating by the old rules, the old paradigm that is, ultimately, self serving.

Many of us never really fitted this model of being anyway, but we live in it and abide by its rules only by default, maybe because we don’t know what else to do, or maybe we are too scared of what ‘the other way’ might involve, or maybe we don’t feel we have enough resources to become service orientated…

So consequently many of us live in a kind of twilight world, sort of limbo. We watch inspiring things that others do to help other beings, animals, nature, the planet, and we may even donate some of our hard earned revenue to some causes, but you know what, for many people right now…ITS NOT ENOUGH. It doesn’t really satisfy our innate desire to do something for others that is greater than ourselves.

And so there is a discomfort, an uncomfortable itch that runs through our lives…A yearning to add our voice to global transformation, a hunger to help the plight of those who are so much less fortunate, or animals that are helpless and innocent, or a million causes worthy of attention.

I don’t know whether this resonates with you, but I feel this day in day out. I am sick of just trying to get my own needs met. I see others doing stuff and I think, ‘why am I not doing that, or doing my own unique thing?’

It’s not that your voice and action, and mine, is not invited and welcomed. The door of care, service, humanity, selfless service, is always open for one more…It’s not as if we are not at a critical moment of human evolution, and maybe earth evolution. It’s not as if our spiritual evolution is not connected to our physical evolution.

I think I’m just having an open conversation with myself here in all honesty. I can speak for no one else, I really don’t know what anyone else should be doing.
But I really feel this urgency today.

Does this speak to you? What do you feel? Am I alone in this frustration and feelings of limbo?
Please tell me. If we are truthful with each other about this, maybe there is someway we can help each other to gather ourselves and do something together or separately.
We all have skills, amazing skills, creativity, talent, communication..Each of us has so much more to give, and it’s needed. We hide our light for millions of reasons, some of them feelings that we hold about ourselves, some of them because of practical considerations. So many of us are, at least in our western terms, scraping by financially we hold the idea that we will do more ‘when we get ahead, or where we get a little more, or when we get secure.’ I think thats an ILLUSION. It’s not real. It’s now, here, where we are working with what we’ve got.

Let me know. I need help on this one because it’s just so important to me, but also so important to us. And mine or your action could directly or indirectly change someone’s life, or some creatures life, forever. I long to reach beyond myself. You?

This video appeared on my Facebook wall this morning and I cried when i watched it. Maybe it is the catalyst I need to something greater, something bigger and something that doesn’t have me at the centre…I just don’t know.

Carpe Diem – Is It Your Moment to Work With Me?

I am offering some deals on my Coaching if they are booked quickly!

pic for thunderbolt wordpressIf you have been putting it off, thinking about it, sort of kind of not sure but drawn to work with me, now might be your moment. I am very approachable regarding my rates. I won’t give it away but I will make it possible for us to have a win/win where we both get our needs met.

One session or a series of sessions.


Possible areas of investigation:

Wellbeing, Illness, Emotional clearing and its affect on the body health. Changing thoughts and beliefs. Feeling lost and bewildered.

Relationship – I work excellently with woman, I am a conscious man in a conscious relationship, and it gives me great insight. I love working with women.

Passion, Creativity and Power – I am also a musician so I understand how vital it is to be able to access creativity and expression. Without this fulfillment its easy to become disillusioned.

Work, Money and the World – A big big area for many people. This is a deep dive into beliefs, conditioning and the imprint of parents and ancestors. Its powerful when we unravel and separate from some of the wounds we have inherited from others.

Spiritual Being – Who are you? I know who you are but do you?

I will help you to ask the right questions, and prepare you to hear the answers.

If any of this resonates get in touch here: Contact Me. We can arrange Skype sessions quickly. I can record the session so you will have a record of it and use it for for continual growth.

Carpe Diem – Life is Short, Live it with Passion and Urgency.

The Mysterious Path of Money

It has been at least 5 days since my last blog. It has taken me this long to get some stability back, because the truth is I have been on an inner journey that has not been at all comfortable. BUT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

We have been here in California for nearly 4 weeks. Time is racing by, and so many things have changed since we left Hastings, UK, on our voyage into the unknown. I honestly didn’t expect it to impact me as much as this, but I think finally I have surfaced from 3 1/2 weeks under water. It has been murky, uncomfortable physically and emotionally, and challenging. Digging into the discomfort I arrived at the unresolved issue, or maybe issues, and they are not new to most people, but tough for nearly all of us.

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Reflections on Being in the U.S – Freedom, Illusion or Foundation?

This blog is a personal viewpoint. It most certainly won’t be the same as many peoples. But it takes all viewpoints and beliefs to make the world, and none is right or wrong.

OK that said here goes: America is getting a lot of bad press right now around the world. It its attempt to become and remain world leader on so many levels it has almost become the pariah of the that world. Its colossal shadow has revealed itself and is playing a strong hand. If you take a good look, through a certain lens, you might well say that things are out of control, or you might say that something malicious, greedy, vengeful and power hungry has seized power and is unleashing mysterious tyranny on the world.

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A Leap of Faith

If you jump, how do you know there will be a net, or water, how do you know you will be able to fly?
70319fbf873e94d17c987e57b9756fc8How does the baby bird know that, when it jumps for the first time from the nest, it will soar into the air and not fall to the ground and succumb to its fate?
In fact, does the baby bird actually have that experience? Does the baby bird soar into the sky, or is it more that it just jumps through instinct and then nature takes it’s course?
And that means some birds fly well immediately, others flap about in a panic, and some drop to the ground, where they meet their fate in a predatory world.

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What Are You Waiting For?

We all seem to spend a lot of time waiting. I wonder if its the same for animals? They do sit, and stand, around a lot of the time. Do you imagine they are waiting in the same way as us?

I don’t think so. Sure, they might be waiting for some food if they are domesticated, but thats about it. They seem to just stand around in being. Not waiting, not half living, but fully being in that moment.

2015-02-25-WaitingdownBut we humans spend a lot of time waiting for something. We can, in fact, spend our entire time, sometimes an entire life, in the waiting zone. Waiting can become so normal for us that we cannot even see it, we don’t even know it is affecting so much of what we do,  what decisions we make, or what actions we take.

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