Be Love and Give Love – It Is All We Really have

KaviI don’t know about you but I cannot stand it any more. Every day I’m waking up to some carnage of hate, some violation of innocence, some manipulation of truth.

And I just can’t stand it any more.

I can’t just hide out in my own little life any more. Because eventually it will come knocking on my door. And then I will be like so many others, scarred, wounded and devastated by things that didn’t really have anything to do with me.

People think of love as a soft option. I don’t.

I think fear and hate is the soft option. It’s the easiest path, particularly for the scarred and wounded, the one’s with their backs up against the wall, those who have had everything taken from them.

Love is the hardest, and most powerful option of all.

Love will take all of your fear, hate, pain and brokenness and transform it to light and awareness and clarity and right action.

But it will also destroy your ego and lay it bare on the ground. And it will render it powerless, like a parasite with no host.

To burn in love is to give up this ego tyranny willingly.

And that is the job of the new human. That is the task each of us has. Those of us who see a new possibility, who embrace a different path, simply have to walk willingly into the fire and burn everything that is not love.

This love is not a sweet sort of love. 

It’s a fire. It’s ferocious love of right action.
It’s the kind of love that says ‘ NO MORE!’

It is the kind of love a mother has for her baby, that she would protect and care for that child with her life.

We see with our eyes the tyranny of the ego. We see with our eyes what hate and violence does. We see what corruption and war does. We see with our eyes what lies and fear do.

But we have yet to really see a mass movement of love that demands power and authority. The 60’s was a hint of this, and it was shut down, and fuelled by drugs.

The next one will be fuelled by conscious awareness and right action.

We are not trying to escape reality we are trying to create a better reality not driven by tyrannous ego.

There is no other choice. It’s you and me. It is you and me, now, today, tomorrow.

It is the only power we really have. But it is a vast power that has not ever been tapped and unleashed. Collective love.