I had a Hunch you would read this – Intuition Explained

e3288974d12f8bd2f71d27f409a581b3Have you ever had a ‘hunch‘ that you should have done something, or not done something? Have you followed the hunch or have you ignored it?

If you ignored it, have you noticed that some time later when something happens you have found yourself saying, ‘Doh! I wish I had listened to my gut instinct, my hunch.”
And then you find yourself promising to pay greater attention to your intuition in the future, and then the same thing happens again?
I am prepared to bet that most of you reading this are nodding your heads.
That’s what I’m going to address here. It is important, in fact I think it’s such an important subject that it is fast becoming one of the major elements in my coaching program.
Last night I was inquiring into the nature of ‘the hunch’ with Amoda. It was born out of our intimate relationship and my own experiences, almost daily, of suddenly speaking what she is thinking, and also the times when we both have ignored our ‘hunch’ and how it always leads to wrong choices.
The hunch is obviously our intuition.

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