Dynamic Coach Available for Live Group Work and Talks

Kavi Hockaday-sepiaDynamic Coach Available for Live Group Work – Me!
After an inspired dream/vision from a client I saw that I need to be doing group work, preferably on a stage.

Talks, Workshops, Weekend Events. From 2 hours to 2 days.

Inspiration, Awakening and the Body.

My work is dynamic. The power happens in the live situation. But I can’t work with big groups until I have worked with small groups, at least that is a place to start! Whether its true or not I don’t know.

So I am making myself very available , from when we return to UK and for the next 6 months, to travel wherever it takes, for payment or for travel expenses. If it means going to Europe, then flights need to be covered and somewhere to stay. 

I could do a one day session.

And a group of people, as small as three, as big as three hundred.
I am born to do this, and I want to reach out and inspire. I am way too dynamic to be stuck behind a computer all the time.
I change lives. It is unique, and unforgettable.

Organise a group and invite me. I will be there.
Pass it on friends.

Contact me here in comments, or here on my website: