Meet the World on Your Own Terms

Eventually you have to meet the world on your own terms.

You have been trained and conditioned to somehow fit in. You have been told what the terms of the game are, been told what you have to be and do in order to belong to this big human family called society. Yeah, you, and me, and everyone else, have been told we have to do this, that or the other, to find our place, our niche, and that’s just the way it is, was, and will be.

The game was rigged from the time of your arrival in this dimension and you bought the whole ticket. We all did.

And how has it worked out?

Some have been successful at it. And it has to be said some folks are very very good at playing the BIG game as I call it.
BUT many are alienated and lost, confused and miserable about it all. Many creatives, artists, outsiders, many sensitives, indigos and introverts, have not fared very well at all. And they shoulder the guilt and self negating thoughts that it is their fault. But here are my observations for those specific people who can’t fit in, don’t want to fit in, but feel somehow wrong for it.

2abd27bef63ed8a9a5c92cab5c31e727You might not be designed to fit in!

Your very alienation, even depression, and your sensitivity etc could be the very signals your own soul is sending you telling you, nudging you, reminding you, that you have to meet this world on your own terms and do your own unique thing…no matter what other people, or society at large, may think, say or do.

Now, before I go any further, I am assuming here that you are a peaceful, creative, loving, compassionate and inherently kind person. I don’t want to encourage hostile, racist, misogynist people who hate others out onto the street.

But you! You have to get out there and meet the world on your own terms.
And as you get older, the incentive to do it, the urgency to do it, the pressure (from the inside) to do it, increases. Of course so does the fear, the anxiety, and the voice inside your head says,’ NO, you have too much to lose, you don’t know what you are doing, these feelings will pass, just stay in the box and shut up.’

But you know what. The impulse to offer your gift to others, the urge, if you have it, to be of greater purpose, the burning desire within you to break out and ‘do your thing,’ whatever that thing is, it DOES NOT GO AWAY.

It might live somewhere inside, in the dark shadows of your psyche, it might make you feel tired and ill, it might even make you depressed, but it will not ever go away. And upon your time to leave this sacred existence, you will ponder it. Sorry about that.

So I implore you, beseech you, invite you, cajole you, and challenge you, be bold, be daring, be true to your inner voice, no matter how crazy. Dare to step up and step out. You owe it to your self and to the world. Don’t be duped and suppressed any longer than is necessary.

You can create the rules of your own life.
You can be the one who decides the rules of your world.
It is up to you.
The world needs you.

Meet yourself with Tender Bravery

married-wrong-personNo one wants to be wrong, or to feel wrong. That means we develop strategies to avoid this apparently nasty feeling. These strategies range from avoiding situations that may provoke that feeling, being a pleaser, denial, or on the opposite end, righteousness, stubbornness and rage.
Feeling wrong is something most people want to avoid at all costs. It’s such an undermining feeling, it’s like a big black hole that human beings desperately try and keep clear of for fear of being caught in its vortex.

And of course, given that set of rules and hidden codes, if you ever do feel wrong, it is a calamity to self. It can result in all sorts of dreadful experiences and actions.

Feeling wrong is toxic, no doubt about it. It is the toxic road that leads to shame, guilt, self blame, depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide.
That is when feeling wrong is still imbued with unconsciousness and the weight of one’s personal story.

Choosing to CONSCIOUSLY open the door to this ‘feeling wrong’ and all it represents, all it stands for, all the power it seems to hold, can be the greatest liberation from the conditioned self.

It can be the gateway that opens the door out of the matrix.
It seriously can, upon authentic inquiry, reveal the nature of what is true and what is false.

a figure wearing a halloween ghost costume
a figure wearing a halloween ghost costume

The Ghost in the Machine.

And when truth and falsehood are seen, the game of ‘feeling wrong’ is revealed as a phony ghost.
It seemed real but it was just a white sheet being waved around.

So when I have clients that have any issue to do with self worth, feeling wrong, or avoiding their own depths, we explore all this and meet it face to face, like adventurers.
When you meet yourself with tender bravery, your false face, your defensiveness, your mask of protection, dissolves under the authenticity of this self loving action. It has to.

So don’t think that feeling wrong is so bad. Just decide to reframe it and meet it consciously from now on.

I am not really a coach – I am an urban shaman

There is one thing that inspires me more than anything else. 
Your transformation! 
I don’t really think of myself as a traditional coach at all. I am too eclectic, artistic and aquarian for that. I am not interested in trying to help you succeed in the box, I want to help you smash your way out of the box and fly into new areas of possibility.
I am more shaman than coach. Modern, urban, artistic shaman who only wants to serve and to liberate.
You have more potential than you could possibly realise. You are vast, but you have learned to live in a box.
If you come to me I am going to seek ways to change all of that. How we do it is alchemical. It’s not a process that is some generic training. It’s not training in shamanic skills. Its real life here. You get the real deal, authentic interaction with one who has vast experience and great wisdom, and the ability to tap into your world and unfold it. Insight, awareness, magic, clarity and love await you.
When I think about what we could do together I am excited.
But I can’t do it without you!!


The Pull to Growth is Evolution at Work – Resistance is Not only Futile, it’s Dangerous!

The pull to growth in all of us is so powerful, because it is evolution itself doing its thing. Resistance to growth is, as the saying goes, futile. It will grow anyway, but it may grow as that tumour, or that inflammation, or just in the build up of negative charge in your life.

And then it gradually erodes you, or it rises to the surface as an explosion. Of course it feels negative, but it could just be the evolutionary necessity doing what it has to do.

That is why we developed the phrase,’ Go with the flow.’

2884678938_070b601af5_bWe don’t like blockage, we humans. Blockages of any kind cause problems. Physical, emotional, mental or galactic, it doesn’t matter.
And a blockage in one area of life soon permeates into all other areas of life, because life is inherently holistic.

But we have tendencies towards blockages.
Growth brings discomfort. Any teenager will tell you that. It can trigger all kinds of emotions, and many people will tell you that.
And therein lies the inner conflict.

The desire for change and the fear of change. What a paradox, conundrum, dilemma, and….OPPORTUNITY!

When we view it in a new way, and decide to honour the natural evolutionary demand, it gives all our discomfort and reluctance permission to exist, but it also minimises their power. Its all about inner authority and awareness. We often imagine we have to battle with discomfort and fear but this strategy just strengthens them.

Seeing them, knowing them, and loving them, even holding them like a mother would an anxious child, soothes them and says, 
‘It’s ok, I’ve got you covered, I can take care of you, and we will do this growing thing tenderly and caringly.’

We have been convinced that declaring war on things is the way to defeat them. So we try the strategy on ourselves. Insanity!

Declare peace on yourself, it works.
Growth is natural. The fear of growth is natural. Even the blockage is natural. there is nothing that ‘shouldn’t be there.’ It really is ok.
butterflylifecycleThrough awareness and a nurturing of the responsible inner adult, growth, whatever growth you feel is important, will happen so much more flowing, and will bring treasures you cannot imagine.

If you want any help un-blocking, get in touch. I have unblocked my own system so many times I know what I’m doing.


Creativity and Awareness – Awakening – Living beyond Fear

I have been coaching a client who is an artist. She is very talented. But she has been held back by her stuff. You know the kind of stuff, self negation, lack of confidence, low energy, disillusionment etc etc. We all get it, artist or not. I have had my fair share believe me.

Two weeks back we cracked the code and she had a huge realisation. She understood, not mentally or theoretically but viscerally, in her whole being, that her entire life, thought structure, belief system, relationship, everything, had been built on fear. Fear was the elephant in the room the whole time. She had thought it might be anger, or sadness, or shame, or guilt, or self worth etc etc, but they were all covering over the fear. And here is the thing:

Fear was covering over innocence and trust, the pure and natural state of her being.
She wrote a great blog about it. Here it is:

red_pill_blue_pill-copy3All I did was point to the door. She walked through it with some willingness. You see I know the door. I’m like Morpheus from the Matrix. I know what’s going on, and I know how we cover up our true nature with walls of protection that end up imprisoning us. And then we can’t find a way out. I know the way out. It’s not particularly spiritual, but it kind of is obviously. But I don’t get too involved in the language of spirituality, it’s a red herring. To me its just cutting away the crap, and the false, and the delusion, and getting to the roots and the core. It’s all about simple awareness.

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