Free Your Mind And Your Life Will Follow

It doesn’t matter how you do it. It could be through silent meditation, through cathartic releasing of body armouring, it could be through a near death experience or just grace. It could be through psychedelics or plant medicine. It could be through spending time outside the system, finding a wild shamanic group that offers a path to ‘the old ways,’ through story telling and ceremonies.

It doesn’t matter how it happens but it does matter that it happens.

What is it?

Freeing your mind.

I can honestly count the number of people I have met on my travels who appear to have achieved this great accolade, on the fingers of one hand. I’m not even sure, much of the time, whether I am one of them. But I see the goal, I can see how it looks and I make it my every day intention.

To me it is the only thing that matters.

The whole purpose of incarnating is to find out who, or what, is incarnating.
The entire purpose of this exercise called ‘life’ is to see if it is possible to retain, or discover, the pristine seeing of conscious awareness while in a body/mind system that is a ‘perceiving machine.’
Perception and belief is so convincing that it would have us believe it is all there is. The deception is incredibly convincing, so much so that it has the majority of people in its grasp.

I know to most people its not important. But to me a world lived from this kind of freedom is beautiful and remarkable, in many ways.
It somehow seems to ‘re-engineeer‘ us and we become as new beings. It creates a wholeness, a depth, a natural wisdom and an inconceivable ability to see inside both the individual human and the society at large. It makes us more intelligent, intuitive, compassionate, caring and authentic. We act from this integrity and it has a profound impact on our life and the lives of everyone we touch.

Or, as Morpheus says in The Matrix, You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.’

Free your mind and your life will follow a new path.

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Reclaiming Warrior Consciousness

The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity.” ~ Carlos Castaneda

It appeared to have died many years ago. In fact not many ever think about it and thus it is relegated to myths of ancient times, or turned into super hero comics and movies.

What is it?

Warrior consciousness.

It died when we humans got smaller and more submissive. It died when we became so socialised and urbanised that we lost our wildness. There was a trade off in order to live peacefully and collectively, and it was the very thing that gave us freedom and adventure and power. It was the very thing that made us warriors with integrity and honour.

And it was the very thing that enabled us to stand up to tyrants and maniacs.

And when we humans lose integrity, honour, impeccability and wisdom, we lose everything that lifts us up from the swamp of the ego. Without the gifts of the warrior we live like guttersnipes grabbing power and trying desperately to dominate each other. Without honour and authenticity we live in a kind of half light of ego mania where we each try and feed off each other. A living hell realm.

Warrior consciousness is what lifts us towards the divine and out of the gutter.
And the loss of our warrior like discipline and discernment has led to a submissiveness that has consequently allowed petty tyrants and despots to rule us and dominate us.

And we need to reclaim our warrior consciousness. Now.


I have spent time with a shaman I knew during the 90s. To some extent he trained me. He ran a tribe doing ceremonies, sweat lodges, authentic being, talking circles, offerings, poetry of the heart, musical wildness and feasting – he still does I think. I went through a deep transformational 2 years with him, seeking power in dark places, caves, mountain tops and in sweat lodges and fire ceremonies. I got injured, torn open, humbled, at times humiliated, adored and applauded for my bravery and authenticity.
dsc02299It was a devastatingly heart opening, defence shattering experience that allowed me to see and experience what Castenada is talking about in the quote at the start of this blog.
At first I was just the same old guy doing lots of weird ceremonies, but after two years I had developed eloquence, respect, authenticity, even some impeccability and honour. I thought and felt poetically and a passion arose in my very being, a passion for truth and love, a warrior like passion that has never turned off.

And then I discovered a love I had never had before, with my wife Amoda Maa. This love burned up all vestiges of arrogance or hiding and resolved everything that stood in the way of intimacy and authentic relating.

And then I discovered self inquiry, the form of spiritual investigation to seek what is true above and beyond all relative beliefs and thoughts. This inquiry allowed me to begin to rest in absolute consciousness and allow the drama of life to play on without me.

So the answer, to me, when asked how to develop this warrior-like truth and impeccability, is:
a. Willingness to be stripped of what is false within you.
b. A desire for truth that burns in your heart.
c. An acknowledgement that things are not working as they are.

If those three things align then you are ready. You need to find someone, somewhere, a group, tribe, workshop, book, teacher, shaman, who you are drawn to, one that makes you feel excited and scared, and you need to dive in head first and get carried by the wave. Don’t get into hero worship and always remember what you are there for.

You are there to learn about yourself. You are seeking your warrior nature, your truth, impeccability and authenticity. It doesn’t have to take lifetimes, and it doesn’t have to be this mystery that many elevated spiritual teachers talk of. Don’t get fooled by too much of this ‘enlightenment’ business.

Keep it simple. Be committed to stripping away what is false and fake within you, and harmony and truth will arise naturally. Follow the signs, they will be everywhere, and when you learn how to read them they will be even clearer.

And then the journey of your life will get very cool and very interesting. When we are stuck in normal mindset it is very boring, and very linear. We are shut off from the intelligence of nature and life itself. We are, in effect, alone. When you begin to develop as a warrior this barrier begins to dissolve and the world awakens! It was always there but you were asleep to it.

And then you become the warrior Castaneda talks about.

The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity.” ~ Carlos Castaneda

Thanks for reading, good luck out there.
Kavi in Hat copy


Meet the World on Your Own Terms

Eventually you have to meet the world on your own terms.

You have been trained and conditioned to somehow fit in. You have been told what the terms of the game are, been told what you have to be and do in order to belong to this big human family called society. Yeah, you, and me, and everyone else, have been told we have to do this, that or the other, to find our place, our niche, and that’s just the way it is, was, and will be.

The game was rigged from the time of your arrival in this dimension and you bought the whole ticket. We all did.

And how has it worked out?

Some have been successful at it. And it has to be said some folks are very very good at playing the BIG game as I call it.
BUT many are alienated and lost, confused and miserable about it all. Many creatives, artists, outsiders, many sensitives, indigos and introverts, have not fared very well at all. And they shoulder the guilt and self negating thoughts that it is their fault. But here are my observations for those specific people who can’t fit in, don’t want to fit in, but feel somehow wrong for it.

2abd27bef63ed8a9a5c92cab5c31e727You might not be designed to fit in!

Your very alienation, even depression, and your sensitivity etc could be the very signals your own soul is sending you telling you, nudging you, reminding you, that you have to meet this world on your own terms and do your own unique thing…no matter what other people, or society at large, may think, say or do.

Now, before I go any further, I am assuming here that you are a peaceful, creative, loving, compassionate and inherently kind person. I don’t want to encourage hostile, racist, misogynist people who hate others out onto the street.

But you! You have to get out there and meet the world on your own terms.
And as you get older, the incentive to do it, the urgency to do it, the pressure (from the inside) to do it, increases. Of course so does the fear, the anxiety, and the voice inside your head says,’ NO, you have too much to lose, you don’t know what you are doing, these feelings will pass, just stay in the box and shut up.’

But you know what. The impulse to offer your gift to others, the urge, if you have it, to be of greater purpose, the burning desire within you to break out and ‘do your thing,’ whatever that thing is, it DOES NOT GO AWAY.

It might live somewhere inside, in the dark shadows of your psyche, it might make you feel tired and ill, it might even make you depressed, but it will not ever go away. And upon your time to leave this sacred existence, you will ponder it. Sorry about that.

So I implore you, beseech you, invite you, cajole you, and challenge you, be bold, be daring, be true to your inner voice, no matter how crazy. Dare to step up and step out. You owe it to your self and to the world. Don’t be duped and suppressed any longer than is necessary.

You can create the rules of your own life.
You can be the one who decides the rules of your world.
It is up to you.
The world needs you.

Meet yourself with Tender Bravery

married-wrong-personNo one wants to be wrong, or to feel wrong. That means we develop strategies to avoid this apparently nasty feeling. These strategies range from avoiding situations that may provoke that feeling, being a pleaser, denial, or on the opposite end, righteousness, stubbornness and rage.
Feeling wrong is something most people want to avoid at all costs. It’s such an undermining feeling, it’s like a big black hole that human beings desperately try and keep clear of for fear of being caught in its vortex.

And of course, given that set of rules and hidden codes, if you ever do feel wrong, it is a calamity to self. It can result in all sorts of dreadful experiences and actions.

Feeling wrong is toxic, no doubt about it. It is the toxic road that leads to shame, guilt, self blame, depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide.
That is when feeling wrong is still imbued with unconsciousness and the weight of one’s personal story.

Choosing to CONSCIOUSLY open the door to this ‘feeling wrong’ and all it represents, all it stands for, all the power it seems to hold, can be the greatest liberation from the conditioned self.

It can be the gateway that opens the door out of the matrix.
It seriously can, upon authentic inquiry, reveal the nature of what is true and what is false.

a figure wearing a halloween ghost costume
a figure wearing a halloween ghost costume

The Ghost in the Machine.

And when truth and falsehood are seen, the game of ‘feeling wrong’ is revealed as a phony ghost.
It seemed real but it was just a white sheet being waved around.

So when I have clients that have any issue to do with self worth, feeling wrong, or avoiding their own depths, we explore all this and meet it face to face, like adventurers.
When you meet yourself with tender bravery, your false face, your defensiveness, your mask of protection, dissolves under the authenticity of this self loving action. It has to.

So don’t think that feeling wrong is so bad. Just decide to reframe it and meet it consciously from now on.

The Terror Meme That Keeps Us Imprisoned – And How to Collapse It

It is thinner than ever, and fragmenting with an ever increasing momentum.
At times terrifying, bewildering, confusing and enraging, it is part of a necessary disintegration of the false.
As the personal spiritual journey of enlightenment necessitates the disintegration of the illusory self, so the global journey of collective enlightenment demands the same.
It brings the same fears for survival, the same trepidation about the future, and all the ‘what ifs and buts’ that the personal journey involves.
Ride the Great Wave of Collective Enlightenment.
The veil is hopelessly thin, don’t buy the fear, it’s not real.

The personal journey of enlightened liberation can be quite terrifying. It threatens the small self and everything it stands for and holds onto. It threatens annihilation and will do anything it can to prevent it. That means anything, particularly bring about the fear that blocks it’s own destruction. This fear may manifest as thoughts and beliefs, convincing but deluded. As long as you stop the resolute pursuit of enlightenment it really doesn’t matter.
And even when you decide you are not going to take any notice of fear and and trepidation, there is no guarantee it will happen.
Thats down to grace.
But doing it anyway keeps the door of possibility open.

The global journey of collective enlightenment is going to be terrifying because its going to seem even more out of our control.
Human beings are all about control. We want control, we need control, over something. It’s hard enough when we feel we don’t have control over our own lives.
But when its collective, national, global, then its unspeakably insane in its terror.

The Terror Meme.

Its no wonder we call what is happening ‘terrorism.’ It is the perfect word to keep us all in ‘lock down.’
Terror is almost the hardest feeling to break through. It blocks almost every possibility of love, connectivity, sharing, and love.
Terror is felt in the blood and the bones. It is the height of panic. It is the most isolating feeling there is.
Terror is dense, like treacle. Terror is the prison that keeps us paralysed and in panic consciousness.

Consider this. Terror is the violent meme our modern world has. To my knowledge, it is a word that has only really come into existence since 2001, since that fateful day 9/11. Since then this dreadful word, and all it symbolises and suggests, has been used over and over and over until now it is part of everyday consciousness. If words have power, and we know they do, them this one word has enormous power.
Just for one moment, consider that there was a power that wanted to maintain its control of people. And they saw that collective enlightenment would mean an end to that control. They would do anything possible to prevent this. And they found the most effective way to lock humanity into fear, survival consciousness and separation. And they introduced ‘terror’ and affirmed it as often as necessary to imprint it on public consciousness.
Do you think they would use it?

Unknown-2Now I am not one for global conspiracy, well maybe a bit, but when I really looked into this word, and I explored just how serious it is to a human being, how it brings these feelings of powerlessness and panic, I was actually shocked, as I am now.
Terror is the prison in which modern men and women are caged.
Terror works like a demonic spell cast over its victim. It renders the terrorised inert and incapable of love. It takes everything away, it destroys compassion and gratitude and awareness.
When terror courses through your body it is a visceral experience. It is the height of ‘the fight or flight’ mechanism, but beyond it. We are frozen with terror.
It is the perfect weapon.

Now whether you see this meme as a conscious attempt to imprison humanity, or you see it as an unconscious series of events called history unfolding doesn’t really make any difference. Why?
Because we are still faced with the same questions, individually and collectively.
It is not whether conspiracy is fact or fiction, what matters is that these things are here, and need dealing with.

What are we, you and I, going to do about our enlightenment? Are we going to shrink back in terror and retreat to our prison where we sort of, kind of, feel safe-isa? And then hope everything will be alright?
Or are we going to choose to dissolve all illusions, pierce the veil of falsehood, lies and fear and consciously choose ego annihilation over and over again, until something opens forever?

You cannot be in terror and love at the same time.
You cannot be in peace and enlightenment at the same time as terror is flooding the body with adrenaline or cortisol.
It is impossible.

This terror needs to be met, like Neo from the Matrix meets the bullets fired from the three agents. All he said was ‘No,’ as he realised who and what he really was. It was an inner authority that enabled him to see the bullets as not real.
So it is with us when we are faced with such ideas as ‘terror.’
The_Matrix_Bullet_HaltThe answer is ‘No More, Enough.’

The answer is I, and we, rest as the god consciousness we truly are and we see the illusion for what it really is, an illusion built on erroneous belief in separation.
That is how we collapse the matrix.
Onwards, hold true to love and transcend fear and all ideas of terror. Flood your cells with love, gratitude and joy. It is the only way forward.

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Exercise Caution When Thinking – You Do Not Know Whose Thoughts They Are

Humans are very good at many things. And one of them is…


XdT48L7ieThe trouble with thinking is we tend to believe everything that goes on ‘upstairs’ and we take it all seriously. In fact we take it so seriously we imagine it is us thinking.
That one identification is probably the greatest cause of suffering, war and angst humanity suffers from.
And here is the thing…


Most psychologists, spiritual teachers and searchers, and a huge swathe of people who pursue ‘awareness’ understand that much of what we think has actually been put there, consciously or unconsciously, during our most formative years as impressionable and innocent children.
We have hundreds of hours of other people’s voices, like tape loops, running through our minds, day in day out. It is enough to drive you crazy, and for some it does.

Add to that the fact that most thinking happens ‘below the surface’ of consciousness and doesn’t make it to conscious thought and it becomes an almost nightmare scenario in the making if those thoughts happen to be destructive, hateful, vengeful or negative.

What I’m pointing to here is the suggestion that our thinking cannot be relied upon as the measure of truth. It is not a reliable witness, because it has too much investment.

So if our mind is not reliable, what can we do to find truth and freedom?

iStock_000016297924XSmallDo not trust everything you think. Practice awareness of all thoughts. Particularly the ones that scream the most. The ones that really have an agenda of righteousness about them, those ones that assert themselves as beyond question are the really dangerous ones. Not the one’s that don’t matter, but the big self protecting justified ones that promote themselves as ‘obvious,’ they are the ones we need to watch.

Discernment on the path, developing the meditative approach, and watching just how hot and passionate the thoughts get when they think they are cornered, they are the ways to create some space between you and your thoughts.

And remember, you cannot possibly stop them coming and going. If you are doing any sort of practice that says you can, or should, try and stop your thoughts, stop it now.


To try is like standing in front of a train and holding it back. It is pointless.

Sea and SunriseBetter view thoughts, your thoughts, as waves that rise and fall in the ocean of your awareness. They come and go of their own accord. Some are helpful and beneficial, some are turbulent and chaotic, and some are even dangerous.

But each returns from whence it came.

So please, exercise great caution when doing this seemingly innocent practice of thinking, it is not so innocent as it appears. Most of the world’s problems are caused by thinking…consider that for a moment..

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Are You a Sensitive? Are You Plugged Into the Field But Don’t Even Know?

Are these feelings you have your own or are you a sensitive who taps in to the vast and indefinable ‘Field’, experiences things, feelings and thoughts and sensations, that are not yours, and then makes them personal somehow?

It may seem an oblique and obscure thing to inquire into, but the deeper I go into consciousness, quantum science, the whole human experience and the nature of reality, the more I arrive at the real possibility that we are not only transmitters of information from within our own vibratory unit (our human experience) but we also receive vast pockets of information from what we might call ‘the Field.’ We are not one or the other but both transmitters AND receivers.

Put like that it makes obvious sense to me.

In my experience, we need to seriously re-train ourselves to acknowledge and value this kind of perception. Sensing the Field has great value. It is an empathic experience that would contribute to the human experience, but it needs to be valued and talked about.
The danger is that it is simply not recognised as real. Its one of those subtle experiences, or even sensations, that has no place in the gross world of the hard senses, no place in the greed world or the ego world.

We act as though this is the only thing that is important
We act as though this is the only thing that is important

I’m not sure whether everyone experiences this, but most are so shut off and shut down they don’t even notice it, or only some people experience it, and among them only a few actually go on to listen, acknowledge and learn from it. My gut feeling and intelligence tell me that what we call mental illness, weirdness and all these cognitive dysfunctionality may have some relationship to it.

The world is generally so caught up on the surface with the war between people, and the survival stuff that it will never get close to understanding or researching or even acknowledging this phenomenon.
Unless of course there is some military or spying use!

I honestly believe I am one of these, in fact I believe I am an extreme case of this. I’m not a new age guy, I’m a feet on the ground ‘tell it like it is’, let’s cut through the bullshit guy with clear seeing.
But the more I have deepened into love, truth, letting go of ego mind and all its insanity, the more two things have happened to me (well actually a thousand things have happened but its too much to go into now!)….and those two are; FirstI have become incredibly telepathic with my wife Amoda – staggeringly, intuitively, telepathic, to the point where its sometimes insane that I will say precisely, exactly, verbatim, what has been in her mind, almost instantly. And it only happens one way, like one way traffic. She transmits, I receive when I am open, and actually only when she is open also.
Over and over, almost every day, I will be blank and then say something and she will say, again, ‘there it is, you’ve said it exactly!’ and we both laugh and shiver and talk about how it has to do with the ‘field.’

And the second thing is this sensation that seems, so often, to be impersonal. I get it. It comes over me and I try and explain it as something in my life. I’m sad, or I’m feeling heavy, weighed down, or there is tremendous fear…and its so hard to differentiate between the personal and the collective…Very hard.
The trouble being that the human experience is so very deep, there is so much happening ‘under the hood’ of waking consciousness that I, and we, really do not know what is causing, creating, related to, what.
It is all really just speculation. But the human experience IS an investigation.
The human experience is the ultimate investigation. This life is not about what we get, how much success we have, or money we earn, or even how much happiness we have.

But This is Who We Really Are!
But This is Who We Really Are!

Surely the most fulfilling part of living is to cast some light on what we are and what the human experience actually IS? We don’t know. We pretend we know, but we don’t know…Its mysterious and vast and deep…Where did we really come from? What is the Universe? What is the Field of Energy? Are we just separate islands of human being, or are we connected at a level we don’t really understand? Maybe every single thing is connected at a level we know nothing about, and we blindly go around as if everything is separate!

If we look deeper and deeper into matter we find there is no matter, just some kind of quantum possibility. So why oh why are we so distracted by crap that doesn’t matter? 
It’s a wild ride guys, its a wild crazy life and we do it a disservice by reducing it to greed, politics, war, job, retirement and selfish awareness.

So what I am really saying here is that we should be careful in our assumptions. 
We should not take it all so personally, we could be tapping into the underbelly of collective consciousness – and boy is it a dark place.
We should acknowledge our sensitivity and listen to it, value it and encourage it.
We should allow ourselves to look beyond the small and stand open mouthed at the infinite.
And we should nurture and develop these subtle senses instead of demeaning and dismissing them.

grand_universe_by_antifan_real-850x456There are things about life and consciousness that you know nothing about. 



“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet

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Perspective – Not Just a Photographers Skill

“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

We have been gone from the UK for almost 6 months now. In the last two years most of our life has been spent outside the UK. We have been in California and Costa Rica
In this blog I am not going to say how special or great these places are, or how great and special I am! I couldn’t care less about these things, or particular about my opinions about what’s a great place or not. Everyone has different resonances and preferences and desires. What works for one doesn’t for another. So whats the point of me saying how much better one place is than another? Life is life as the saying goes, whatever the heck that means…Actually it doesn’t mean anything does it!

beofppWhat I am going to explore a bit today is the action whereby, when one really gets the opportunity to view something from afar, one can see it in a whole new light. Perspective. Thats half of what makes a good photographer.
But maybe its also half of what makes a good human being. I am afraid to say that most human beings don’t have great perspective. They don’t see the whole picture, they can’t seem to step back from their lives and look from a clearer view. They are stuck to their lives, beliefs, stories and problems like glue. Sometimes its just impossible to get out far enough to get perspective. And many of those who are angry and fighting and hostile and aggressive don’t want to step away.

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Carpe Diem – Is It Your Moment to Work With Me?

I am offering some deals on my Coaching if they are booked quickly!

pic for thunderbolt wordpressIf you have been putting it off, thinking about it, sort of kind of not sure but drawn to work with me, now might be your moment. I am very approachable regarding my rates. I won’t give it away but I will make it possible for us to have a win/win where we both get our needs met.

One session or a series of sessions.


Possible areas of investigation:

Wellbeing, Illness, Emotional clearing and its affect on the body health. Changing thoughts and beliefs. Feeling lost and bewildered.

Relationship – I work excellently with woman, I am a conscious man in a conscious relationship, and it gives me great insight. I love working with women.

Passion, Creativity and Power – I am also a musician so I understand how vital it is to be able to access creativity and expression. Without this fulfillment its easy to become disillusioned.

Work, Money and the World – A big big area for many people. This is a deep dive into beliefs, conditioning and the imprint of parents and ancestors. Its powerful when we unravel and separate from some of the wounds we have inherited from others.

Spiritual Being – Who are you? I know who you are but do you?

I will help you to ask the right questions, and prepare you to hear the answers.

If any of this resonates get in touch here: Contact Me. We can arrange Skype sessions quickly. I can record the session so you will have a record of it and use it for for continual growth.

Carpe Diem – Life is Short, Live it with Passion and Urgency.

Kindness is a Game Changer

Hi ‘followers’ and friends. Today you find me full of gratitude, compassion and kindness, both for myself and for you, whoever you are and whatever circumstance you are in.

kindness-quoteI have realized that being kind to each other might be the only real power we have, and it has such power to heal and transform, that it might be all we actually need!

So today, before I begin to tell you of our adventures and where we go next, I want to invite you to take a moment to stop all activity and consider your own kindness. Are you playing kindness at the top of your game, or have you been swamped by the craziness, the activity of life and all its demands?  Has common kindness become something of a luxury that gets added on when you feel relaxed and calm? Maybe at the end of a deep meditation you feel kindly towards certain people, or the world?

My invitation is to, right now, push kindness up the ladder of importance to somewhere near the top. In fact to the very top itself. It’s actually easier to do than you might imagine. Put it at the top and leave it there, and try and remember you left it there, at the top. I know, in fact I will guarantee, that within a couple of hours, it will fall from the giddy heights at the top of the ladder of whats importance.

BUT, and here is the important bit, if you really want to include kindness as a new way of being and living, when you forget and it falls down the ladder, just remember again and put it back at the top. DON’T MAKE UP STORIES ABOUT IT FALLING FROM THE LADDER!

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