The Global Body Awakens

Even in the face of all this hate and fear
We must remain open
As we protest and campaign we must stay as love
And not be drawn into the old ways
Of judgement and finger pointing
If there is a change happening
In the very heart and soul of man and woman
If there is something new growing within us
We must stay healthy and well meaning and not become hate

As the body grows new cells
Those cells can be healthy or toxic

To truly fight the disease
A cell must be well adjusted and vibrant
It must be fully alive and full of light

A hate filled cell will only produce more disease
Let our teachers be our own bodies
Our own cells

This is the time of embodiment

In this time of decay and cancer
When the global body is full of disease
You, and I, and our bodies, our minds, our emotions
Matter more than we imagine
Each one of us plays their part
And that part can be
Played with goodness at their core
Or hate in their heart

Only one will lead to transformation.
It is time to choose the path
And commit to either one way or the other.



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